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Prenatal Yoga and Mommy and Me

Prenatal yoga enhances and empowers a woman’s experience of pregnancy and birth on all levels.  Physically, prenatal yoga increases strength and flexibility and can alleviate common prenatal ailments, all while helping a woman to prepare her body for labor and birth. Yoga also encourages a woman to connect with her pregnancy and her baby’s growth as a journey into motherhood. Through this journey, a woman can learn to trust herself, and her connection with the Universe, ultimately feeling more deeply connected to yourself and with baby.




Feel free to call me to book your PRIVATE  pre and post natal yoga class.


Healthy Prenatal Yoga Practice Essentials:


  • Connecting with the breath for support in pregnancy, labor and birth

  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles- Kegel exercises

  • Squatting – strengthens gluteus muscles, supporting overall pelvic floor health

  • Utilizing and strengthening the transverse abdominals

  • Meditating– quiet time to reduce stress and cultivate a more relaxed state in which to connect with baby

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