Yogastrology® Initiation    August 2 and 3 2019

Water Element     Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Whether you are a yogi or a yoga teacher wanting to learn how to apply Yogastrology® to your practice, classes, and workshops, or simply curious and want to learn how to deepen your knowledge of yoga + astrology and body correlations, Yogastrology® Initiation Training is for you.

In Yogastrology® Initiation Training, you will learn:

* More about yourself, your sun sign, and how to connect astrology to the divinity that is your body.

* How to connect yoga + astrology, to build bridges between these two ancient sister systems.

* How to embody the four elements / Fire / Air / Water / Earth, transforming your everyday wellness into a personal healing ritual.

* Powerful intention setting and empowering ways to work with journaling throughout the seasons.

* How to create simple rituals in sync with the natural rhythms of the sun + moon.

* How to put it all together to lead gatherings, workshops, women’s circles, or simply for your own personal practice. And much more!


This is a twelve (12) hour Yogastrology® Certification Training.

You will become Certified Yogastrology® Inspired in this Initiation Training.

Your name will go on the website.

All books and course materials are included in the price, and you will receive your Yogastrology® Initiation Diploma (certificate) on the last day of the course.

The weekend looks like this:

 Friday night: 2:00-8:00pm 

Friday we open with a sacred sunset ceremony on the water, a sup yoga practice and some time to mingle on shore after. 

 Saturday  2:00-8:00pm

Saturday morning on the water and we dive into YOU, your sun sign, and the astrology + asana correlation, finishing the morning with a yoga practice for the 12 zodiac signs.

 The evening focus shifts from “me” to “we” as we start the evening with yoga  for the season. You will learn how to create sun + moon rituals and workshops and dive into the Yogastrology® healing and wellness practices. We finish off the day with an extended savasana for the 12 zodiac signs and finally, a closing ceremony and diploma presentation.

Two times on the water with SUP  weather permiting. All equipment included


Tuition – $497 USD

****  course materials, book, and diploma are included in the price.  all SUP Equipment included****

*Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

Limited spaces available!  All levels welcome.

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